Truth Is Poetry


A Relaxing Bath

By: Craig A. M. Goines


You call me and tell me you’re on your way home, and you wanted me to run your bath water. So I lit some incenses in the dining room that smelled like the scented candles in the bathroom. As steaming hot water runs in the tub.

You walk in the house and smell scents of vanilla. As I turn your bath water off. I ran straight hot water so we could buy some time. So I can relax your body and your mind.

When you saw me you kissed me and pulled me in the hall. While my hands caress your sides. Your lips are soft and tender, and your tong taste like candy. As we stand against the wall in the hall.

First I took off your shirt and kissed up your neck and around your ear. Suddenly your knees grew weak. As I nibble on your ears and down your neck. My tong now caressing your chest as I kiss down to your breast. When I reached your nipples my tong went crazy. Your hand now gripping my head.

I carried you to the dining room table, and took off your pants. I lay you back and pull off your thong. I kiss down your leg till I reach your chocolate pussy.

My hands start to hold up one leg as my lips kissed and my tong caresses you insides. I place two fingers inside you, and lick all around it. While your belly starts to get tight. Your toes curl and your fist balls up. Your juices start to run.

I take off my pants and my boxers as I place a condom on. I slowly place my dick’s head in you. Then pull it out. Putting it in farther and farther each time.

As my hands caress your dark body. While your legs are wrapped around me. Pulling me deep into your body. My hands pull your belly up a couple inches from the table arching your back. Your legs spread a little as I place my hard dick back in your wet pussy.

My hands grip your ass as I start fucking you faster. Then suddenly I pull myself out. I stand you up and leaned you over the table. You grab the end of the table and arch your back. Your legs spread a little as I place my hard dick back in your wet pussy.

My hands grip your ass as I start fucking you faster. You start to lose your breath. Your juices drip on the floor. As you scream at the top of your lungs, “Oh, God”. “Don’t stop; aw fuck me harder, oh!!!”

Your body now getting numb. I pull your hair and continue even harder and faster. To the point where you can no longer speak. Your pussy now like a stream. You can’t help but cum every couple strokes. I have to go faster and harder still, as I feel a tingle in my dick.

Faster and harder I still go and your moans are as loud as can be. My dick at its hardest starts to cum, and finally I start to slow down. When I pulled it out your body jerked. Then I carried you to the tub.

I place you in the tub. The water still a little hot. As I sit in the tub along with you. I wash your back as you rest. While your night came to an end in a relaxing bath.

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